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Worker Shares: 

Worker shares come one day per week to help prepare the produce for delivery, for the duration of the 18-week season. If interested email us and we will set up a meeting at


A total immersion experience. Springdale Farm offers a full-time, live-in internship position each year. Typically interns come for either the summer months, or the entire growing season from April through November. Interns have the opportunity to learn hands-on how a 35-acre farm operates in an organic and sustainable way. You will be involved in all aspects of the farm. Compensation includes housing, a monthly stipend, and food from the farm. 

E-mail ( or call us (920-892-4856) for more information.


For those seeking a more in-depth and complete training in running an organic vegetable farm, we also offer an (approximate) 18-month apprenticeship, officially administered by the state of Wisconsin, which encompasses both classroom instruction, and on-the-job training and experience at Springdale Farm over two growing seasons. Successful applicants are paid for both their hours at the farm, and the 144 hours of classroom instruction included in the program. For more details on this apprenticeship, head to Wisconsin’s newly-launched Organic Vegetable Farm Manager Apprenticeship, and let us know of your interest in this possibility.

Full/Part Time Hourly Work:

 Apply any time of the year for a chance to join our farm. While we are busiest from May through October, there is some work available year-round. Tasks in the growing season can include field preparation, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, post-harvest washing and sorting, and delivering the produce. Other jobs vary by year, from greenhouse construction and maintenance, to early season seedling care, to work on building our compost piles. Pay varies by experience and ability. E-mail ( or call us (920-892-4856) for more information.

Harvesting Sweet Corn
Golfcart fun
Picking greenhouse tomatoes
Harvesting Cauliflower
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