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springdale farm hemp & cbd

Springdale Farm obtained a state license and started growing hemp in 2019. Our first hemp crop was grown at the request of a processor who understood the benefits of local organic agriculture. We are growing hemp again this season and are happy to provide our own locally-grown high-quality CBD products to our customers and CSA members.

You can find CBD (what is CBD?) products everywhere these days, but it's often hard to tell where they come from and if the quality can be trusted. Currently the industry is minimally regulated and some hemp extracts can contain pesticide and fertilizer residues, heavy metals, solvents, and toxins due to the soil, the growing practices, or the methods used in the processing and extracting of the oil. Other products may not have much CBD in them at all or have sub-par quality.

springdale farm hemp extract

We think our hemp extract is special for several reasons:

It comes from our USDA certified organically-grown hemp plants, which we grow on the same land (and greenhouses!) that we grow our vegetables on.

It is cold-press extracted. Read more about extraction methods on our FAQ page.

It is local. We have control over the whole process from starting the hemp plants, to growing, harvesting, drying, and hand-trimming them. Overseeing the extraction and bottling process and then offering them to you!

You can find all of our CBD products on our online store.

 Learn more about CBD and hemp on our FAQ page!


growing process

Springdale Farm organic hemp

Peter in the hemp fields

We have been growing organic vegetables since 1988, and have applied all that we have learned towards our hemp production. All of our hemp is USDA certified organically-grown, which means there are no toxic chemicals, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers in our soils or used on our plants.

The hemp plants start off in our special growing chamber where we can control the moisture, humidity and light levels. After 4 weeks the hemp plants are re-potted and brought into the greenhouse where they stay until we plant them out into the field.


The hemp plants are planted in the field around the end of May and take 3-4 months to mature depending on the weather that season.

baby hemp plants in growing chamber


hemp plants ready to be planted


cultivating between the hemp rows

organic hemp cbd

harvesting and processing

During the fall when the plants are mature we harvest them whole and hang them to dry until to moisture level is low enough to trim.


The plants are then hand-trimmed (lots of work!) to remove the leaves and stems (which do not produce much CBD). The resulting plant material, also known as bio-mass, is then stored in sealed containers until we are ready to press it into oil.

The processing of our bio-mass is done at a facility in Wauwatosa that has a cold-press. We believe the best way to extract everything beneficial in our plants is to use the cold-press method. You can read more about extraction methods on our FAQ page.


harvesting the mature hemp plants

Bernadette in the hemp plants


You can find all of our CBD products on our online store:

Springdale Farm organically-grown cbd hemp extract
Springdale Farm organically-grown cbd hemp extract
Springdale Farm organically-grown cbd hemp extract
Springdale Farm CBD Muscle Cream
Springdale Farm CBD Dog treats
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